Action Packed October!

This is the gorgeous view from one of my client's balcony. The Calicos (photos below) live here.

Bella and Jasmine napping in the sun.

Betty, the best medicine taker ever!

Eddie, ballplayer extraordinaire

Chief. the one biting my toes above, top of the page.

Chief and Muffinhead (aka Fat Kitty)

Leo. (Lives with Muffinhead and Chief)

Black Kitty (lives with Chief, Leo, and Muffnhead)

Chief being regal.

Hambone, always a hoot to hang out with.

Tiger spent the weekend in my bag. She lives with Hambone.

I must say, it looks pretty cozy.

Leo lives with Tiger and Hambone.


Gonzo's Halloween face.

Beau and Gonzo after a very fast-paced walk. 

More backtracking....

Junie Bug snuggling me

Pumpkin made his own bed

Gabby and Pumpkin

My own Genevieve aka the eye poker

Pepper and Tinker 

Hopper, Pepper, and Tinker

Love this catio!


Chewie investigating

Subject: Buttercup. Photobomb by Chewie

Belated Update

SO behind with updates. Again. Here are a few faves from the last few months.

Little loves me

Chester aka Poufty

Rex wanting in

Sweet Junie Bug playing with her unstuffed hedgehog

Maddie - so ladylike

Reggie (I like to call him Reginald)


Charlotte, the Crazy Calico

Willard (love that name)

Murray - and yes, the feeling is mutual

Rex taking a break