Christmas Eve!

It has been a very busy 17 days. Whew! Everyone is fed, litter boxes scooped, dogs walked and now we're ready for Santa. 

I'm spending Christmas Eve with Harper dog and cohorts, Murray and Milo. Harper and I went on a second walk tonight to take it all in. I'm convinced that blue Christmas lights have magical powers. I find them absolutely mesmerizing.

I thought I'd share a few pics while I have a minute. A few shall remain nameless for now until I ask their parents for permission.

Lamb Chop under attack by Brinkley and Marina

Couch treats

Hester begging me not to go

Wally reluctantly saying goodbye
enjoying a sunny winter day

Murray stealing my jacket

surprise guest at Meg's house!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

A Busy Thanksgiving Indeed!

The holidays are upon us, and I am up to my ears in animals. Tonight I'm hanging out with Starbuck, Fuerte, and Chance. They are helping me finish up my new website. What do you think?

Fuerte and Starbuck
serious play time


Tomorrow I'll head to Amie's for two nights with Charlie, Maple, and Sue. More cuties to snuggle with.




I spent this past Sunday afternoon with two very funny Schnauzers, Ricky Bobby and Sammy Lucas. This was my first time with these boys. We had a blast. Just saying Ricky Bobby makes me laugh.

Ricky Bobby

Sammy Lucas

I also spent some time with the "Italians" in Spicewood. They were sweet and silly as always. I can't believe I've been baby sitting them for over six years.  Their mother warned me to watch out for rattlesnakes, so we didn't do much romping around outside. 

Emma, Ernie and Ellie

Check out  the sunrise, the deer and the full moon - it's beautiful out there.